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The battle for product placement

Posted on 03/09/2009 · Posted in ideas, marketing, media rights

Product placement is a commonly used tool for U.S. motion pictures, less for Italian ones. Maybe this is because the Italian law forbade product placement until 2004. Even now, when.. read more

Google News Italy under investigation

Posted on 01/09/2009 · Posted in copyright, ideas

We already wrote about Google News Italy 2 years ago. Strange: in 2007 publishers did not want to be included and indexed by www.google.it/news, back then the problem was that.. read more

Handy Dandy Design: the CTM no. 500.000 is Italian

Posted on 03/12/2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

Fresh news report from Alicante: the 500.000th Community trade mark registered by OHIM is Italian. The TM is registered by Handy Dandy Design, a company based in Milan which develops.. read more

Apple iTunes to launch DRM free music from Universal, Sony and Warner

Posted on 28/11/2008 · Posted in copyright, music

We talked about the relationship between drm and music-lovers many many times, both on our blog and during conferences and events: DRM, as such, is a loosing war. So Apple is.. read more

Is Youtube going to make money with its new 16:9 videoplayer?

Posted on 27/11/2008 · Posted in internet

In a move that is said to be for a “more powerful viewing experience” by the company official blog, youtube.com converts its player to 16:9 ratio (event though normal old fashioned.. read more

Current TV is really… current

Posted on 26/11/2008 · Posted in events, internet

Old TV set is crossing new internet media and social network: please meet Current TV, the tv for the rest of us. At CineShaw in Turin last week, we had.. read more

“Global patent warming” & IP system

Posted on 03/10/2008 · Posted in ideas, patents

 Photo credit: Rammorrison Some thoughts on patent system. The IP system as such (patent offices, patent filing, patent attorneys, patent search engines..) has worked smoothly for the past decades all.. read more

Meet the CIPO (part 2)

Posted on 02/10/2008 · Posted in ideas

Photo credit: Ecstaticist At IPBC 2008 after Philips, it was TomTom and then Microsoft turn to be on stage. Peter Spours started TomTom IP department 1 year ago: he said that.. read more

IPFaber is on Twitter…

Posted on 01/10/2008 · Posted in internet

Ok, ok, we know. It took as a bit since we are already working on the new website, the book on IP in practice, the newsletter, the ip portal and.. read more

Meet the CIPO

Posted on 30/09/2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

 Photo credit: slworking2 IP Faber had the opportunity to be present at the IPBC 2008 in Amsterdam. It has been very interesting and somehow unexpected gathering. The focus of the conference.. read more

A new vision is born: meet the new Digital Music Experience

Posted on 25/09/2008 · Posted in ideas, Information Technology, internet, marketing

 Photo credit: Petr Urbancik In one of the most compelling and intriguing articles ever appeared on a blog, Ian Rogers, a well regarded Yahoo! executive, urges the music industry to.. read more

Barbie vs. Bratz ..1-0!

Posted on 19/07/2008 · Posted in copyright, marketing

On 17th July a jury verdict of the District Court of Riverside – California has been released: Mr. Carter Bryant – the designer of Bratz dolls – created them when.. read more