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About Us. Why our Clients love to work with us.

Hey there! We are IP FABER and we hand-craft creative solutions, solid strategies, business development for the intellectual property world.

What We’re About

IP Faber is an Intellectual Property Full Service Provider (FSP). The Company is focused on IP Asset Management and develops, protects, manages and licenses IP Assets in a strategic, safe and efficient way.
IP Faber’s consultants come from several fields; they have multi-disciplinary skills and are constantly working in team for achieving the higher possible standards. They can do licensing, negotiation, strategic branding, anti-counterfeiting and Customs monitoring as well as business transactions and multipurpose projects. IP Faber is a strong alchemy of professional standards, innovative vision, international practice and high quality technical skills.

Our Smart Firm

The Company has offices in Milan and relies on the latest Internet technologies.
IP Faber’s consultants have developed experience in resolving issues related to IP Assets and Intellectual Property Rights protection. The company is at the forefront in the intellectual property asset management discipline, a field that seats in the middle of law, technology and business, and that is becoming strategic in the knowledge economy.
IP Faber is efficient, flexible and offers scalable solutions for Companies that need specialistic assistance. IP Faber is solution-oriented and bases its services on a Value Pricing business model.

We Understand Business

As business partner, IP Faber recognizes that on time solutions are the first goal for its client. Therefore major efforts and resources both technological and human are put into any project, giving IP Faber a serious time-saving and problem-solving attitude. IP Faber has strong expertise in Intellectual Property Rights: concept, development, licensing, negotiation, protection and enforcement. Our Company advise on Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Design and Models, Trade Secrets, Technology Transfer. We tend to solve problems, even though it can cost a compromise sometimes. But we believe business comes first.

We are on the market since 2007 and always made our customers satisfied.
Intellectual property is our daily bred: we eat IP and IP only, every single day!
Read our opinionated blog to get an idea of the ipfaberian thinking.

Enrico Pasti

Eva Callegari

Focus and Specialisation

The strong specialisation of our team – who works jointly with high qualified IP law firms and/or patent/TM consultants – is a big advantage in comparison with our competitors: we are totally committed to be a reliable one-stop-shop for intellectual property in Italy. We always try to build a successful strategy for leveraging the IP Portfolio in the short, medium and longer term together with our clients.
Our vision is that an IP Portfolio has to be built and managed as an investment fund, on a daily basis by minimizing risks, following a long term strategy and reaching solid results.


We are organized in a very flexible way, we know how to use the best technologies available in order to achieve our and your goals together. We are an italian FSP (Full Service Provider) operating in the IP sector, and we are both partner and consultant for companies that need to protect, use and leverage their IP Assets. We assist companies in managing their IP Portfolios from a business point of view and we support them – as need be – through selected professionals coming from our Italian and international network.