An Intellectual Property Magna Charta between Universty and Business

Posted on 22/11/2007 · Posted in patents

It’s the second time we have the opportunity to meet this easy going Professor, Riccardo Pietrabissa, of the Milan Politecnico, well know for his efforts toward a better (and more “creactive”) relationship between universities and companies.

His take on the IP field is simple, but powerful.

A patent is a tool and not a target.
Therefore the mission of the universities should be developing and building tools, not implementing and cashing on their application in real world.
The mission of the companies should be on the other side to implement and use these tools.

He then proposes the “Magna Cartha” for IPs, a sort of a multi-beneficial effort toward a better IP world.
Rights and duties, very well described, for Universities (and independent research centers) on one side and Businesses on the other side.

Dribbling the insane accuse (and to us also off -topic) made by Mr. Paolo Baratta, the President of the Venice International University, he escaped from the political scenario and gave us a practical development tool for implementing a clever win-win relationship between knowledge centers and business power.

(Magna Charta Libertatum AD 1215, photo courtesy of Stupormundi