IP Faber landed at Licensing Expo in NY

Posted on 12/06/2008 · Posted in copyright, fairs, trademark

Immaterial assets are colored, “smart” and mostly created for young people at 2008 Licensing Expo in New York. No kids or people under 18 are allowed to access the fair, but Smurfs, Pucca, Teletubbies, the Winx and the Gormiti invaded the booths.

IP Faber explored this interesting fair, full of walking puppets, cartoons, fantasy, and filtered this appearantly crazy world through its IP vision.

The real game of the Licensing Expo is not for kids: this 200 Billions dollars game is all about leveraging on characters, media contents and brands & licensing them with the right approach, accurately selecting licensees and agents, market areas and channels of distribution.

Either for Warner Bros or Raimbow, Lucas Licensing (Star Wars) or IMC Licensing, the winning game to be played vs. competitors is exploiting and developing its own IP portfolio (also) through strategic licensing activities.

(IP Faber: licensing IP is IP growing. Contact us)

PHOTO by justjosef (Flickr)