IP innovation for Venice and its lagoon

Posted on 25/11/2007 · Posted in events, ideas, patents, technology

Fabrizio Bettiol is the General Director of a small company nearby Venice. This charismatic dynamic businessman was invited to present his patented invention to the floor of the IP International Conference held in Venice: composite wood 12m long poles ready to be planted in the Lagoon of Venice. With a population of 110.000 poles in the lagoon, Mr Bettiol enters in a niche but very valuable market.

He doesn’t want to stop here: external wooden floors, floor bridges and pontoons, deckings and many other applications come from his innovative company, Greenwood, a subsidiary of BiZeta Group.

The most important part of his speech was dedicated to the consequences of his new patented invention: not only he managed to increase the turnover (and the profit, we presume) for his company, but he also indicated major R&D gains, strategic repositioning, competitive advantages, opening of new markets

(Greenwood poles in Venice, photo courtesy of Greenwood)