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Join our Team and change the Intellectual Property World for the better.

At Ip Faber we don’t call you “Personnel” or “Human Resources” or even worse “Human Capital”.
We use your name, and call you by using your name, not your business specialization.

We are looking for smart and talented people only, we don’t look for numbers.

Of course we need you cv, but we then look and analyze your history and your professional life: we want to work only with people that are like us: people who show a big passion for ip and all this kind of things, who love to solve problems and have that unique lateral thinking needed to understand better complex issues and intellectual property matters.
An international strong background is required, but not sufficient.

We look only for truly smart, passionate, intelligent, curious professionals. Always.

Trademark Specialist
We are looking for a young and talented trademark specialist. Min. 3 years intellectual property experience required. The ideal candidate has a solid technical background, speaks fluently 3 european languages (one being english) and can take responsibility for its own clients portfolio.

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Project Manager
We are looking for a smart and experienced project manager. He or she will be in charge of managing some of the projects Ip Faber is involved in the intellectual property field.
Min. 5 years experience required.
The ideal candidate has a solid management background and
speaks fluently at least 3 european languages (one being english), and
we do ask for a strong management proof history.

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Chief Intellectual Property Officer
We are looking for the first and only C I P O, chief intellectual property officer, to be in charge of all our daily IP operations for various clients. Min. 10 years experience required for intellectual property issues. A legal background is also required.

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Why work with us?

IP Faber is a small european firm operating in the intellectual property rights sector.
We support many companies and their IP needs: from copyright to trademarks, from design to patents, we help these companies succeed. And we are happy when they are successful because of our help.

Other Skills?

Do you fit in a different profile? Do you think you have other skills or expertise useful to our company?
We are always looking for talented and passionated people, please send us your CV.

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