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Music = Copyright – DRM

Posted on 11/07/2008 · Posted in copyright, ideas, internet, marketing

Photo credit: Travelin Librarian Consumers don’t care for Digital Rights Management (DRM), they just care for Music. DRM technology has been cracked many times and has prooven not to be.. read more

Is drm music like tasteless food?

Posted on 18/06/2008 · Posted in copyright, ideas, internet

 Photo credit: Vrogy There are different opinions on how DRMs are impacting on music industry. While Media Executives fear the fact that DRMless music will become like a gigantic legal.. read more

IP Faber landed at Licensing Expo in NY

Posted on 12/06/2008 · Posted in copyright, fairs, trademark

Immaterial assets are colored, “smart” and mostly created for young people at 2008 Licensing Expo in New York. No kids or people under 18 are allowed to access the fair,.. read more

Adidas 3 stripes according the Court of Justice

Posted on 19/04/2008 · Posted in EU Court of Justice, marketing, trademark

Is it necessary that stripes signs remain available to all? Can Adidas prohibit the use by third party of two stripes on sport products? The questions above have been recently.. read more

To register or not to register (design): that is the question

Posted on 02/04/2008 · Posted in ideas, marketing, tips and tricks

Some companies appear to be registration-addicted with regards to designs. IP Faber takes different approaches, distinguishing design to be protected by registration from one which can be protected as unregistered.. read more

Apple TV re enters the video rental market

Posted on 06/03/2008 · Posted in ideas, internet

 Photo credit: Flickrich THE FACT Apple is trying to enter (for the second time) in a high profitable market: movie and video rentals via internet. It’s not the first try.. read more

Grundig goes to Turkey?

Posted on 04/02/2008 · Posted in Uncategorized

 Photo credit: Carst A big Turkey group has bought the Grundig brand. Once upon a time Grundig was one of the most succesful european electronics brand, well know for its.. read more

Microsoft + Yahoo! = Google?

Posted on 03/02/2008 · Posted in copyright, ideas, Information Technology, internet, marketing

Is it Yahoo a sort of Salieri compared to Google, talented and extraordinarily innovative as Mozart? Microsoft‘s $44.6 billion offer for Yahoo can be an opportuniy for the latter to.. read more

No confusion between.. Idea and Ikea EU TM

Posted on 23/01/2008 · Posted in events, marketing

The application filed by Ikea before the Court of First Instance of the European Communities (Case T. 112/06) was rejected on 16 January 2008. On one side there was the.. read more

Joseph Straus and the Intellectual Property Global Warming

Posted on 03/12/2007 · Posted in events, ideas, patents

In his refreshing, entertaining and interesting view about the IP situation given at the speech for the 4 International IP awards in Venice, Professor Joseph Strauss (Director of the Max.. read more

DRM Patent Infringement against Microsoft, Hustler, Sony & Apple.

Posted on 27/11/2007 · Posted in copyright, Information Technology, internet, patents

Digital Reg of Texas, is suing Microsoft, Sony, Hustler (Playboy) and Apple for a patent infringement related to DRM Technology, in particular “by making, using, providing, offering to sell, and.. read more

Fourth Venice Award for Intellectual Property 2007 to Joseph Straus

Posted on 26/11/2007 · Posted in legislation, patents

It was necessary to wear plastic boots for assisting to the cerimony for the Fourth Venice Award for IP 2007 in Venice on Friday, 23th November (due to water high.. read more