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IP innovation for Venice and its lagoon

Posted on 25/11/2007 · Posted in events, ideas, patents, technology

Fabrizio Bettiol is the General Director of a small company nearby Venice. This charismatic dynamic businessman was invited to present his patented invention to the floor of the IP International.. read more

IP Management and Innovation success

Posted on 24/11/2007 · Posted in marketing, patents

Mr. Nowak, General Director of Dennemeyer Group gave an interesting speech at the IP International Conference in Venice. His view as a business man is of course practical and simple:.. read more

IP protection as competitive advantage

Posted on 23/11/2007 · Posted in events, ideas, patents

Massimo De Benedetti was a speaker at the Venice IP International Conference held on the San Servolo island, at the Venice International University. We like this Fiat man, a portfolio.. read more

An Intellectual Property Magna Charta between Universty and Business

Posted on 22/11/2007 · Posted in patents

It’s the second time we have the opportunity to meet this easy going Professor, Riccardo Pietrabissa, of the Milan Politecnico, well know for his efforts toward a better (and more.. read more

Intellectual Property future’s scenarios

Posted on 21/11/2007 · Posted in Uncategorized

It’s nice to seat down for a while and listen to some interesting brain products. Guy Carmichael was the first speaker at the Venice IP International Conference. He showed a.. read more

CoJ rules on tri-dimensional Develey TM

Posted on 03/11/2007 · Posted in Uncategorized

Last 25 October the European Court of Justice rejected the appeal filed by Develey, a German Company producing and selling sauces, mayonnaises and ketchups (i.e. Mc Donald is one of.. read more

Welcome IP Faber new website!

Posted on 04/10/2007 · Posted in internet

We eventually managed to finish our new website. It was a long job, mainly due to the feedback we received in the last few months from our clients, partners and.. read more

Ferrari trade secrets & FIA

Posted on 22/09/2007 · Posted in internet, trade secret

Few days ago FIA published on its official website the PDF files regarding 26th July and 13th Settember hearings of Ferrari vs. MacLaren case. FIA did not realized that by converting these files in a.. read more

EU’s protection of Grana cheese

Posted on 16/09/2007 · Posted in counterfeiting, food, legislation

In case T. 291/03 the Court of First Istance of the European Community ruled that the word “Grana” is not generic, but is substantial part of the protected designation of origin “Grana.. read more

Finmeccanica vs. GM: the patents on future cars

Posted on 28/08/2007 · Posted in patents, technology

Legal battle in United States: Finmeccanica instigated an action against General Motors before the District Court of Virginia. The case regards a patent filed by General Motors allegedly in infringement of a patent filed.. read more

The digital music market is expanding

Posted on 17/08/2007 · Posted in copyright, music, news

As Emi recently did, few days ago Universal Music announced that its music library will be available online without DRM – Digital Rights Management  from 21st August 2007 to 31st January 2008. Universal Music has entered into a partnership.. read more

You Tube: broadcast yourself…

Posted on 27/06/2007 · Posted in copyright, Information Technology, internet

… and watch (only) our videos! La mission dell’azeinda è tutta qui, basta leggerla nell’abstract del sito web e dei suoi meta tags: “Hosts user-generated videos. Includes network and professional.. read more