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IP Faber is an integrated consultancy firm specialized in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR or IP rights). Its consultants come from different working experiences and have various backgrounds: they work together at the same table and are able to address any Intellectual Property problem.

 Creativity and innovation are engines of what we are creating for our future. And intellectual property is the fuel of this process. We stand side by side to companies that innovate and need to protect their IP rights. Sometimes it is important to prevent violation, sometimes it is necessary to plan strategies through IP enforcement. Our approach is similar to the attitude of an highly specialised and dedicated manager who works inside your company and is deeply focused on your IP portfolio.

  • Dedicated partnership
  • Customized strategy for IP asset management
  • Plan of enforcements based on cost-effectiveness
  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

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  Companies are used to require assistance only when they develop and file IP rights or when their IP rights are threatened or violated. We use a different approach and take care of the entire circle of life of the IP rights, by planning intellectual property assets management strategies in line with each specific company’s profile and business goal.

We work jointly with a broad network of trademark and patent attorneys, specialized lawyers, skilled law firms and various professionals coming from engineering, computer science and chemical backgrounds in order to do what is needed step by step. We always start by planning a tailored-made intellectual property strategy and assist step by step our clients by sticking to it with great determination and passion.

  • Long term IP planning strategy
  • Strong focus on the company needs
  • Network of professionals who join us “on demand”
  • Care of the entire life circle of your IP portfolio
 Sometimes companies own an IP treasure and do not know it. Sometimes they have developed innovative assets and do not efficiently take care about it.

IP Faber assists clients in managing their IP rights and increasing their profitability. We went through cases of companies which filed patents, trademarks or models and almost forgot about them: they were pleasantly surprised by the opportunities of licensing such “secondary” IP rights to third parties or through different markets thanks to IP Faber assistance. We also experienced the cases of unexploited immaterial assets revealing their value on the market thanks to a renewed managing approach.

  • Immaterial assets value depends on how their IP rights are managed through territories and markets
  • An unexploited IP right may reveal a source of unexpected profits
  • IP Faber help companies in leveraging the value of their IP portfolio
  • How to efficiently take care of your IP rights? You need a panoramic viewpoint and a well done plan
IP Faber is an italian trademark consultant leader: since our foundation we delivered outstanding services in the trademark registration process for both italian and european companies.

IP Faber has also launched the first and only italian trademark registration portal, where clients can easily register their trademark in a fast and easy way.

If you need more in-deep analysis and consultancy for your trademark, please use the form on this website.

  • Italian trademark registration leader
  • Register both Italian and European Community trademarks (aka CTM)
  • Broad expertise for both tm registrations and oppositions
  • Deep knowledge on everything that is trademark related

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The best way for leveraging an IP portfolio is being aware of what it contains.
Therefore we always suggest our client to let us perform an IP due diligence of their immaterial assets in order to plan an efficient and valuable IP asset management strategy.

The Intellectual Property due diligence is one of the most important services requested by IP Faber’s clients.
An IP due diligence is brought forward together with the company: main target is to assess the current IP portfolio, often unknown also to the company officials, its correct valuation and its possible use.
Contact us to have further information or an estimate cost for an IP due diligence.

These are the main steps:

  • IP assets research
  • IP assets evaluation
  • IP assets analisys

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 IP Faber helps clients exploiting their intangible assets without risking the value or validity of their IP rights. The firm has significant experience in licensing within the framework of copyright, trade mark, design and patent agreements.
Negotiating intellectual property rights and extracting as much value as possible: this is possibly the best definition of a good IP negotiation. And this is what IP Faber tries to make at its best.
Negotiations are frequently more complicated than expected, and negotiating intellectual property rights is even more difficult. There are strategic, technical, business and legal issues involved. IP Faber is establishing itself as a smart negotiator in the field.

  • Interdisciplinary approach in negotiating
  • Extracting value by IP rights’ deals
  • Each IP deal passes through a “creative” experience
  • Tailor-made licensing for each company’s needs

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 IP Faber offers intellectual property training, seminars, lessons and workshops geared toward IP professionals and companies in general.
We organise briefs and seminars on IP topics in pleasant location: a practical solution for widening knowledge of IP matters in a refreshing long weekend. We offer intensive courses for business in IP, tailored to specific requirements made by our clients.

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Training
  • IP dedicated briefs

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 IP Faber is pleased to offer customised services in the intellectual property rights area.
Our professional team has a strong IP background and deep expertise on everything that is intellectual property related.

Among others, we offer:

  • Trademark research and consultancy
  • Trademark, Brand, Logo surveillance services
  • Licensing on trademark, patent, model, design, copyright
  • Licensing and trading on almost every immaterial assets

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IP Faber is a consultancy firm operating in the intellectual property rights sector.

We advise many companies and fulfill their IP needs all over Europe: from copyright to trademarks, from design to patents, we help these companies succeed. And we are happy when they are successful because of our work.

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At IP Faber we work since day 1 in a serious way: we do only what we know we can do, and we always deliver on time.
We are ranked among the best firms in our field, you can browse around this site and see for yourself why. If you need to ask us something, please do so by filling up the form and send us our questions.

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