The battle for product placement

Posted on 03/09/2009 · Posted in ideas, marketing, media rights

Product placement is a commonly used tool for U.S. motion pictures, less for Italian ones.

Maybe this is because the Italian law forbade product placement until 2004. Even now, when it is only allowed for cinemathografic movies in Italy, IP Faber is experiencing how product placement can enhance a film production plan.

In fact developing a good product placement strategy is crucial both for the financing and the final success of a film.

Therefore IP Faber develops product placement strategies by working in two different directions: (1) trying to get the best possible agreement for the single product and (2) working by placing product in a natural way.

Good agreement means: covering a substantial part of the movie costs and acting on brands in a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Product placement in a natural way means: placing products by not forcing the framework of a screenplay as well as the brands involved, which should become a “natural” part of a story.

While the Countries of European Community are expected to implement the Directive 2007/65/EC on the coordination of certain provisions concerning the pursuit of television broadcasting activities (including possible new rules on product placement within tv programme), IP Faber is working on “classic” cinematographic works achieving satisfaction for its clients and their commercial partners.