Welcome IP Faber new website!

Posted on 04/10/2007 · Posted in internet

We eventually managed to finish our new website.
It was a long job, mainly due to the feedback we received in the last few months from our clients, partners and colleagues.
Now IP Faber shines: it’s reliable, fast, sleek and smart!
We did a new layout, more focused on contents.
We paid attention to the interface design, now easier.
We put a new sidebar, useful and always handy.
We re-designed the banner on the top, so now IP Faber is also brand-coherent.
We did a lot of scripting and testing with css and js.
We wrote the english version of the site, so now IP Faber can be enjoyed also by our english speaking friends.
We put a new private section, full of services for the IP Faber Team and our clients.

Now you can enjoy!

The IP Faber Team