IP Management and Innovation success

Posted on 24/11/2007 · Posted in marketing, patents

Mr. Nowak, General Director of Dennemeyer Group gave an interesting speech at the IP International Conference in Venice.

His view as a business man is of course practical and simple:
– you need to have a patent strategy
– you need to visualize your IP portfolio
– you need to have a business method.
He went on: you need to be honest about yourself, your company and your IP investments and take decisions.

What does it mean?

  • Cut the poor dogs (IPs that don’t have market growth and market share).
  • Be careful on question marks (IPs that can have a potential market growth but that still do not have market share).
  • Profit from cash cows (IPs with big market share but maybe little market growth) and
  • Focus on stars (IPs with big market growth and big market share)

IP Faber does think that market growth and market share is a good way to think in simple terms and get a complicated situation clear. What about a product that is still a prototype and doesn’t have a market yet?

What’s your take?

(Stars on a cow, photo courtesy of Mazda6 (Tor)’s at Flickr)