Is drm music like tasteless food?

Posted on 18/06/2008 · Posted in copyright, ideas, internet

Creative Commons License Photo credit: Vrogy

There are different opinions on how DRMs are impacting on music industry.

While Media Executives fear the fact that DRMless music will become like a gigantic legal P2P network, Software, Hardware, and Telecom Executives are signing big contracts to enter into one of the most promising market of the future.

What did Apple to the music industry is now under everyone’s eyes: its iTunes store has become the first music store in the world, selling files at a faster pace than any other (internet or brick-and-wall) store.

The thing is: how big is the market for drm music and for not-drm music?

People usually tend to think that drm has the same meaning of copyright, but it is not.

DRM is a technical system for protecting copyrighted work (music, video or other digital media) but since its inception there have been a plethora of ways for breaking protected files.

To us there are 3 important points that have to be discussed about DRM:

– user experience

– technical issues

– commercial issues

A clear view on these 3 points can put some more lights into the DRM debate.