Is Vevo the next MTV?

Posted on 24/09/2009 · Posted in copyright, ideas, Information Technology, internet, marketing, music

YouTube (subsidiary of Google) and UMG aka Universal Mucis Group (subsidiary of Vivendi 

France) recently announced VEVO a joint venture to launch later next year.

Vevo is a very interesting step in the future. 

Basically is an ads driven music website where users will be able to watch music provided by UMG via YouTube Technology.

UMG will be the content provider, and YouTube the content platform distributor. As we said on this blog a long time ago, YouTube needs to make its users customers, and deploy its platform opening its technology to powerful content providers.

The launch of Vivo (prossibly only the first step towards  the Majors league) signals a new strategy by YouTube: after the “channel” after the content providers, here it comes the second step: the co-branded website.

ipfaber-blog-vevoVivo is a tipically win-win situation: Google offers its no-glitches no-problems super fast web platform, and UMG offers its music library. By the way, in their own markets (video provider on the web and music editor) these two are the bigger players.

No details have been disclosed about figures and responsibilities. But it seems this is a typical co-revenue-sharing agreement: both players will enjoy part of the money spent by advertisers on their website

One last word, as visual and web designers, we like the new logo very much.

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