Microsoft + Yahoo! = Google?

Posted on 03/02/2008 · Posted in copyright, ideas, Information Technology, internet, marketing

Is it Yahoo a sort of Salieri compared to Google, talented and extraordinarily innovative as Mozart?

Microsoft‘s $44.6 billion offer for Yahoo can be an opportuniy for the latter to leave its eternal secondary role or – otherwise – to act its last role before retirement.

The dilemma is the following, if the cash-and-share deal between Microsoft and Yahoo will be signed: will Microsoft+Yahoo really become Google’s competitors or not?

The real targets in this huge operation are the increasing profits deriving from online advertising. Google currently owns 75% share of the relevant US market.

On the other side, Yahoo – after a successful exploit in 1994 and quotation in 1996 at Nasdaq – appears a company not able to keep its initial promise. The nature of Yahoo changed year by year: from search engine to media company, loosing “personality” in this evolution.

Therefore, for realizing the equation above, Microsoft has – first of all – to find a vision as strong as Google has.

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