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The intellectual property Specialist. We are with our clients on a daily basis: we continuously monitor their immaterial assets and always guarantee our specialised support

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Cost: % Fees / total deal value
    • Professional support
    • Strong Expertise
    • Deep Knowledge

IP Development

Cost: Variable / project valuation
    • Variable or fixed fees
    • Strategy implementation stages
    • Periodic Updates and Follow ups

Clarity. We always try to establish a good client-consultant relationship, and always explain what we are doing and how in real time, with pros and cons.

Fixed Fee or Hourly Rates

On request we can offer a value pricing system (i.e. the service has a fixed price) unless the client prefers to use the usual pro-hour fee: the most important thing about this system is that the client knows upfront what he will pay.
In some cases, we are able to offer a commission fee system (please note this is possible only under certain circumstances).

Communication and Updates

The client receives periodical updates on projects and proceedings via our ssl encrypted safe Extranet.
Clients have direct access to our shared timesheet, so they can control how many hours we spend on assignments given.
Our invoices are always available on a private internet area where the client can also have reports on the payments made and download invoices paid.