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Specializations. Our intellectual property expertise

Intellectual Property Asset Management. We assist companies in building and leveraging their immaterial assets, and we do so by mixing our experiences on different business areas.

Copyright, TV, Internet and Media

IP Faber has a strong expertise in copyright issues, being software, music and gaming, movies, advertising, publishing and TV the main activity areas. Our support range from managing important TV format to working on financial software licenses or TV rights distribution plans.
New media and sport events are becoming more important for many companies and broadcasters.
We have been deeply involved in talent negotiations and media sponsorship deals, major sport events are attracting lots of investors and IP Faber has been on the front line doing transactions with different parties.
Protect you assets and call us if you want to further explore the infinite possibilities of these new areas.

Design & Model, Luxury & Fashion

IP Faber supports Made in Italy and luxury and fashion flagships by protecting their design and model portfolio. IP Faber helps companies to increase their value and plan strategies (by partnering also with his network of professionals, when occurs) in order to fight against infringements and counterfeiting activities.

Trademark and Strategic Branding

With its innovative and multi-disciplinary approach, IP Faber is capable of selecting, developing, managing and protecting trade marks and brands. Not only a brand, but also the whole company can suffer from wrong brand position or inconsistent trade mark registrations, both in domestic markets and abroad. The core competencies are strategic branding, trademark filing and trademark business leveraging.

Food, Retail & E-Commerce

IP Faber handle a wide range of consultancy activities for retailers and food&beverages producers: labeling, trademark positioning, protected designation of origin. IP Faber is also working on E-Commerce related topics.

Patent, Nano & Biotechnology

IP Faber assists companies in developing a clear and efficient patent strategy. IP portfolios are today the most important assets for many SMEs. IP Faber – through its network of specialized professionals – does patent filing, search and analyzing, licensing, framework and non disclosure agreement.

Trade Secrets & Know How

IP Faber knows how crucial are trade secrets and know how for an innovative company. When patent application cannot be filed, IP Faber supports clients in protecting their R&D investments by using the right effective IP tools.

×The info here above are only a small part of what we can do for you and your business.

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Strong Expertise

IP Faber is a one stop shop for your intellectual property needs.
We support many companies and their intellectual property needs: copyright, trademarks, design, patents, trade secrets and so on.
We help these companies succeed. And we are happy when they are successful because of our help.

Deep Knowledge

At Ip Faber we work since day 1 in a serious way: we do only what we know we can do, and we always deliver on time.
We are ranked among the best firms in our field, you can browse around this site and see for yourself why. If you need to ask as something, please do so by filling up the form and send us our questions.

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